PCOS and Bikram Yoga


Does Bikram Yoga help to cure PCOS?
Shreya, San Mateo, CA,USA

Answer From Your Guide to PCOS

Yes, Bikram Yoga will definitely help to reduce and/or alleviate your PCOS symptoms. Bikram Yoga is a phenomenal form of exercise for anyone, but is especially helpful for those that struggle with PCOS. Practicing it on a normal basis (at least 4 times a week) will help to promote balance in your body, the 26 poses help to balance each system and organ.An exceptional treatment option for PCOS!

If you go to Bikram Yoga, followed by the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant what you’ll eat there would eliminate the amazing benefits that class provided your body with.

So, go to yoga and eat extra healthy, lots of veggies, fruit, and lean protein!

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