Acupuncture for PCOS

Using acupuncture for PCOS treatment can be an incredibly powerful, natural treatment option. I absolutely believe in the healing power of Chinese Medicine, it has been around for thousands of years. Most importantly, I have first hand experience using acupuncture to treat my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome symptoms with incredible success.

Chinese Medicine assesses the symptoms you are having and treats the cause of that symptom. It gets to the point of the problem or problems in your body then works to heal it. It's typically a combination of acupuncture and herbs prescribed by an acupuncturist that works to correct any and all hormonal imbalances in your body. Typically, Western Medicine treats the symptoms not the cause of your symptoms. For example, you’re overweight so you’re given Metformin to help with weight loss. It's treating the symptom (extra weight) not what is making you overweight; thus, more than likely not curing the problem long term. An initial visit with an acupuncturist will last sixty to ninety minutes. At that time, he or she assess your body's current condition; asks you many questions about your health, daily routine, family history. This determines the placement of needles. Don't worry about the needles they are SO tiny and don't even hurt. You'll be in a very peaceful room on a table probably listening to tranquil music, which is really relaxing for about forty five minutes. This allows the needles to work. It's so relaxing that I often fall asleep.

I can not mention enough benefits about using acupuncture for PCOS, it's truly incredible. It's often a treatment option that is overlooked because it’s not the traditional route.

I know that without the assistance of acupuncture I would not be the happy, healthy person I am today. However, on my quest to get rid of my PCOS symptoms I realize that acupuncture or a healthy diet alone isn't enough. It's a combination of various approaches that works best along with providing long lasting effects.

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